Coronavirus: Ghana’s film industry at a standstill – Prince David Osei

Actor Prince David Osei is bemoaning the tremendous effect the outbreak of the novel coronavirus has had on Ghana’s movie industry.

Speaking with JoyNews’ Doreen Avio he stated that some producers are done with their films but are having doubts on when to release them.

Shooting, he added, had come to a halt since every individual had to take precautions to avoid catching the virus.

“My movie ‘News Man’ is finally ready. We were supposed to take it to the censorship board and then book a date at Silverbird, but with what is happening right now we don’t know when this would be over,” Prince David stated.

He told Doreen Avio that they had contemplated releasing the movie but they are not sure how many people would turn up for the premier especially with the cases of coronavirus increasing every day.

Prince David said that most producers and directors are waiting to hear some good news that would send them back to work.

“Everything is on standstill, now we can’t really go on set, we were hoping to do another movie but I told my friends we had to wait.”

He commended the work some of his colleagues are doing to help with the education of their followers about the COVID-19.

“No matter what happens we all need to take the precautionary measures,” Prince David added.