It is the age of coronavirus and more and more people are thinking twice about handshakes, hugs and cheek kisses.

Thing is , The scare of being infected lingers on , thus handshakes may not be welcomed.

Ailing Veteran actor, William Addo (A.k.a Akpats3) was overjoyed when he got wind of arrangements by the leadership of the Screen Actors Guild to visit him at Mankessim, where he is receiving treatment for Glaucoma.

But Upon the arrival of the team, led by Celebrated Actress, Kalsoum Sinare, Something interesting happened.

The moment of Joy almost went bad.

Aided by his son, a happy-looking “Akpatsɛ ” got on his feet to hug and welcome his colleague actors, Sadly the gesture was rejected.

Kalsoum Sinare refused William Addo’s hug and waved him away.

In fact , the onlookers most of whom were fans of Actress, Kalsoum felt bad.


Pre-coronavirus, Kalsoum would have been tagged Uncultured, disrespectful and her gesture, an extremely bad moral.

But, with coronavirus cases rising by the day, William Addo ‘took the “snub” cool ‘ and sat down again.

How do you find Kalsoum’s gesture ? DISRESPECTFUL OR NOT ?