COVID 19: HEAN 1 Foundation teams up with BUKOM BANKU to feed the aged in Bukom

The outbreak of coronavirus and its related lockdowns and restrictions to movement has brought untold hardship to many individuals and families.

Hardest hit are the needy, vulnerable, children and the aged.

Many people now find it difficult to feed , with some unable to afford one meal a day.

The CEO of HEAN 1 foundation over the weekend teamed up with Popular boxer cum comedian, Bukom Banku , and actor, Robert Nana Kodua of “Edey bee k3k3” fame to provide hot meals to the aged in Bukom, a densely populated community in Accra.

The kind gesture targeted over 600 children and the aged in the over populated Suburb.

Each beneficiary received a pack of rice , Chicken and a bottled water.

With the help of Bukom Banku and his team , the sharing of the food was devoid of chaos as measures were put in place with respect to Social distancing protocols.

Beneficiaries were invited in groups of 10 to pick up their food, prepared right at the Bukom Park

Philanthropist and Leader of the foundation, Henry Essumang Ankrah (HEAN 1) told the decision to spread love and give back to the less fortunate is to help reduce the impact of the crisis on them.

“ We will not sit down for hunger to kill those in deprived areas, so we’ve taken the initiative with my team to go round the slums in Accra and share food…We’ve been to Taifa Burkina and other places and today we decided to come to Bukom to feed about 600 people” – The CEO of HEAN 1 Foundation noted.

With the help of officials from the Ghana Health Service and The Information Services Department , The team educated residents on the need to adhere to public health hygienic recommendations by regularly washing their hands and avoiding large public gathering.

Residents were again encouraged to practice Social distancing to help minimize exposure to infected individuals and reduce the likelihood of transmitting covid 19.

Beneficiaries were grateful to HEAN 1 Foundation for the Kind gesture and for putting their privilege to good use.