“CROP YOUR FACE OUT “ – Chris Attoh’s Ex-Wife caution ladies on sending nudes

Incidents of naked pictures of ‘young ladies being leaked and making rounds online is becoming increasingly common.

The intimate photo, often sent to boyfriends almost always end up out there, leading to regrettable fallouts.

The experience might leave victims feeling scared, unsafe, and worried about what will happen next.

Well, the ex-wife Of Ghanaian actor, Chris Attoh, Damilola Adegbite has some advise for all the sexy ladies who think sharing nudes will help spice up their relationships.


The Nigerian actress is of the view that if it becomes necessary to send nudes to their lovers or crush, ladies should first and foremost “Crop their faces out”

In a post on Instagram, Damilola wrote

“Thinking about sending your nudes to that guy? Your crush may have a “confidant” who has a “confidant” who has a girlfriend he doesn’t hide anything from, who has a sister….. I’m sure you get my drift,” she cautioned.

“Before you go ahead, be ABSOLUTELY sure you know who you are dealing with. Even when you are, anything could go wrong. His phone could get into anyone else’s hands.” Chris Attoh’s ex-wife further stressed.

The last part of Damilola’s post cautioned grown women to always make it a point to keep their faces out if it becomes necessary to send that nude.

“But as a grown woman, if you have considered all that could go wrong and still decide to send him that picture or video to spice things up, be safe. Crop your face out” She advised.