GEORGE FLOYD PROTESTER: “No Ghana Jollof for racists, Only Naija Jollof “ – Protester

Protesters demanding justice for the killing of George Floyd have used their voices to chant their anger at police brutality.

messages on their placards also came through loud and clear.

The protests however seem to have taken an interesting twist as New placards with funny captions keep popping up on Social media.

One gentleman among the protestors in the US took his protest against racists to another level.

His placard was captioned “ No Jollof rice for racists, Not even Ghana Jollof”

The Ghana-Nigeria jollof rice war beautifully resonated across states as protestors carried messages about the delicious West African dish, also enjoyed by the whites.

Well! There is a saying that Ghana Jollof tastes better and is more expensive than Nigeria Jollof.

One black protestor couldn’t agree more as his caption confirmed that, Ghana Jollof is the best.

“ No Ghana Jollof for racist folks, Only Naija Jollof for racists “ his Placard read.

Well if you ask me, the message was spot on, “No racist deserves Ghana Jollof.

They may make do with the others, but definitely not Ghana Jollof.