How Yaw Ofosu Larbi Got His Dream Job In A WhatsApp Group

Certain decisions we make in life actually affect our future. Our future could be bright or doomed depending on the decisions we take at every point in time.

Yaw Ofosu Larbi is one of the fast-rising sports journalists in Ghana. He has worked his way to the top because of hardwork, passion for the job and the readiness to learn and adapt.

Aside from the good qualities that have got him to the top, Yaw Ofosu Larbi is where he is now because he made a very wise decision; not to exit a WhatsApp group.

Yaw Ofosu Larbi in Emergers 2020. Photo Credit:

Yaw decided to pursue a career as a journalist when he was in class three. In achieving this aim, he lived his life according to a path that will eventually lead him to become a journalist. He started writing a lot and reading an array of books at a very young age. His dad was also very influential in his career path. Yaw’s dad liked reading and he made sure Yaw read a lot of books too.

“He never punished me with a cane… Anytime I did something bad, he gave me a book to read and explain to him. So my life has particularly been around reading,” he said in an interview with Kuulpeeps.

As a result of the reading culture that his dad instilled in him, Yaw became very good at summarising and narrating stories. This, however, put him on the path to become a very good journalist.

Yaw Ofosu Larbi in Emergers 2020. Photo Credit:

After his university education at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Studies, Yaw had the opportunity to undertake his National Service at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC). This was a very good opportunity for him to kick start his dream of becoming a journalist but things went south for him after his first assignment as a reporter didn’t go too well. After the failed stint at reporting, Yaw never got the chance to do any proper journalism work at GBC until he ended his national service.

Yaw Ofosu Larbi in Emergers 2020. Photo Credit:

“I actually got my job because I was added to a WhatsApp group that I decided not to exit”

After his national service at GBC, Yaw stayed home for a while before he got his dream job at Media General (TV3).

While at home, Yaw joined a Manchester United WhatsApp group which renowned journalist Nana Aba Anamoah was a part of. After some time, members of the WhatsApp group started exiting but he decided to stay. Nana Aba Anamoah was still in the group, Yaw approached her, they got acquainted and started chatting. After being friends for a while, Yaw asked Nana Aba if she could get him a job and she got him an internship opportunity at TV3.

Yaw took advantage of the internship opportunity at TV3, worked hard, learnt on the job within a short time and he was eventually rewarded with a full-time job.

Yaw Ofosu Larbi in Emergers 2020. Photo Credit:

“I see journalism as a journey”

Yaw Ofosu Larbi sees journalism as a journey and he hopes to reach out to a very large audience and make an impact in the lives of people through the stories that he does.