NDC danced to opposition with Meaningless Songs like ‘Onaapo’ & ‘Mahama Paper’ – MICHAEL ADANGBA Fires

Renowned Political campaign song composer, Michael Adamgba says the NDC danced its way to opposition when it went in for messageless campaign songs like ‘onaapo’ and ‘Mahama paper’

The iconic singer argues that political campaign songs help to build solidarity around candidates and ultimately influence votes When it captures the campaign message of a party.

Michael Adangba regrets the Songs used by the NDC partly contributed to its 2016 defeat

He noted with disappointment that while the NDC was engaged in needless funfair and used songs like ‘Onaapo’, Shatta Wale’s Mahama Paper’ the NPP used songs that were touching to appeal to voters.

“What is the meaning and benefits of “Mahama Paper to the NDC? Tell me one single message that Mahama Paper preached? Adangba queried, stressing songs like Onaapo and Mahama Paper didn’t carry any message.

“We didn’t hear anything, they just danced and they danced it to opposition” he stated.

In an interview with Konxept Worae, The top musician warned the NPP will also dance its way to opposition if it fails to get a song with a message and keeps boogying to the rhythm of “Ofeetso”

The versatile singer, Michael Adangba has since 2008 been composing campaign song for the NDC.