SHOULD SOUND ENGINEERS PUT THEIR ‘SIGNATURE’ IN SONGS? Kwik Action says the practice is unprofessional

Ace Music producer, ‘kwick Action’ has said it is needless and unprofessional for sound engineers to put their jingles in songs they produce.

Branding experts have argued that Jingles or if you like, Signature helps in positioning and enhancing the brand of sound engineers.

Top music producer, Kwik Action is however of the view that the practice distorts the beauty of music production.

“ To me, it is distorting, When the Production is good it will sell me …When the Production is really good, Even Hollywood will come and look for me; I will be here and I will get a deal from Hollywood that because of my Production, they need me to Produce something for Hollywood” Kwik Action remarked.

“You cannot hear Kojo Antwi’s song and hear any producer’s jingle in, No! It’s Unprofessional“ the ace sound engineer noted

Kwik Action wants producers to rather focus on producing great and timeless songs, arguing fame and glory will naturally follow if the production is outstanding.

Kwik Action is the producer behind hit songs like Okomfuo Kwadee’s ‘y33k) mbaap3’ Tictac’s f3f3n3f3, Samini’s ‘Odo’, Kwaw Kese’s ‘Monkey dey Work’ and many others.