[ VIDEO JUST FOR FUN ] ‘By June dieerr na Obiaa awu : A SONG FOR AKUFO-ADDO

We are Certainly not in ordinary times as Ghanaians continue to endure a 21 day Coronavirus-influenced lockdown.

Many families and individuals especially the needy have ran out of gari, rice , banku and other essentials stocked up in anticipation of the lockdown.

People now find it difficult to feed.

Almost everything has come to a halt and it’s not funny anymore.

Distress calls to announced national emergency lines to get food supply do not go through anymore.

Well! A group of young creatives have in a song urged President Akufo Addo to save the situation.

The song appealed to president Akufo Addo to send Ghanaians MOMO or better still, end the lockdown for good to allow people earn a living.

In the absence of the above interventions, the composer fears, all Ghanaians will be dead by June…(By June dierrrr na obiaaa awu , Lol )