‘WHO DEY EAT YOU ? Stubborn fan asks Yvonne Nelson.

Screen Goddess, Yvonne Nelson in a tweet on Easter Sunday urged fans to “Ask her a question “

Clearly , the top actress was less busy and wanted to interact with the over 1.3 Million fans who follow her on twitter.

Thing is, the questions flowed in thick and fast with Yvonne taking time to answer each question.

As some fans inquired when Yvonne will finally settle down , a fan ‘Nungua_F*ck_Boy’ posed a rarely asked question, “ WHO DEY EAT? meaning Who shags her ?

Obviously Pissed by the question, The ‘FIX US ‘ producer answered him with a sarcastic reply.

Yvonne wrote “ Your Poppee” meaning “ YOUR FATHER “…Lol