“WO BRAND KORAA Yɛ ME TAN” Rapper, Kweku Smoke disrespects Strongman

There is a brewing beef showdown between rappers; Strongman and Kweku smoke.

The twitter war has seen the two who somewhat owe allegiance to King Sark, direct jabs at each other.

After being provoked by Kweku Smoke, versatile and more experienced rapper, Strongman called Kweku Smoke an ass-licker for dragging his name into a supposed message to Sarkodie.

Well! Kweku Smoke has replied with a harsh and punchy tweet that warned Strongman to go take off the angry emoji from his (Strongman’s) earlier tweet

The “y3din” rapper also noted that even though he doesn’t have time for Strongman, he can help him promote his village album.

His reply clearly proves one thing; he isn’t at all afraid of Strongman.

“ Strongman? Mtcheew see I mean no harm in my tweet but go take the angry emoji from there Edey bore me…wo brand koraa y3 me tan Anoe get ur time but I fit help promote your afuom album tho …ur mind Dey ?

It is expected that Strongman will reply with a ferocious or Simply reduce him to size with a diss song.

From the jabs and counter jabs, One needs no soothsayer to confirm that the two rappers would be engaging in a lyrical war in the days ahead.